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With Lovingly, Order Gatherers won’t stand a chance.

Many florists aren’t sure how to get results with online ads.

Tired of seeing Order Gatherers pose as local florists in your area?

Wary of marketing agencies that charge a fortune but don’t deliver results?

Not sure who you can trust when it comes to running online ads?

Running online ads is supposed to make money, not drain money.

Lovingly offers a risk-free solution to help you compete.​

With FREE management of your Google Ads, Lovingly’s Google Certified ad experts will make sure you get the most value for your budget. Unlike third-party agencies, every penny you spend goes directly to getting you more profitable orders and new clients.

With reliable, profitable orders, you can focus on creating beautiful arrangements and growing your business.

Lovingly partners see an average return of $4 for every $1 spent on ads.

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Here's how it works.

You Sign Up

We help you set your budget and target delivery areas.

We Get to Work

Our Google Ads experts create and optimize your ad campaigns.

You Get More Orders

Enjoy watching your business grow with Google Ads.

I would recommend Google Ads if you want to see your order volume increase. Time for us to take back our market from Order Gatherers and this is the way to do it.


Google Ads is great way to increase sales and promote your shop with location targeting. Plus, with the reports we send, you’ll be able to see exactly how your ads are performing.

We recommend budgets based on a number of reasons, including competitors in your area, impression reach for your target area(s), and keyword volume.

As you run Google Ads, our certified Google Ads experts continue to make discoveries about your ad performance, such as new keywords to target and even new locations. You are the final decision maker when it comes to any budget changes.

At the end of the day, the goal of our Google Ads experts is to maximize your ROI for your given budget.

Yes! Google Ads show “above the fold,” at the very top of search result pages. That means that even your website ranks well, someone paying for advertising could appear above your site.  They’re the first thing a visitor sees in their search results.

Ads show at the very top of the search results, so they’re the first thing someone searching on Google will see.  

Because we’re Google Ads and floral industry experts, your ads will have high quality scores, which means your cost-per-click is lower. That means you spend less money while getting more orders.

Don’t get left behind, and don't waste money paying advertising companies that promise a lot but don’t deliver.

With Lovingly, you’ll win back your local clients and see more profitable orders every day. 

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