Lovingly launches podcast, Flower Shop Secrets!

A Podcast for Momentmakers like Yourself!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Lovingly’s brand new podcast, Flower Shop Secrets! In each episode, our Co-CEO, Joe Vega, will unlock the secrets to help your business blossom as he connects with entrepreneurs in the floral industry. 

In this first episode, Joe speaks to Sarah Campbell & Jordan Marx from Intrigue Designs (and Netflix’s “The Big Flower Fight”) about how to be as creative as possible during crunch time. As we all know, being creative isn’t something you can turn on and off; creativity doesn’t work like a light switch. When you’re creative, you need to be in a state of flow; you need to be in the zone for you to be highly creative. How do you maintain that flow in the face of a deadline when the pressure’s on?

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