The Importance of Site Speed for Local Florists

Do you like waiting in line?

Nobody does! So why would you make your customers wait for your floral website to load?

Did you know that most floral websites load scores between 28 and 61 out of 100? That means that your customers are grabbing a cup of coffee, calling their friends, or anything else other 1 million things that will grab their short attention span before they remember that they wanted to buy flowers from you. In fact, 53% of mobile shoppers will leave your site if it doesn’t load within three seconds.*

How do you score?

Why Speed Matters in the Googleverse 

Speed not only matters to the visitors already navigating your site, it’s actually a major factor in attracting those users in the first place. Google has implemented massive algorithm changes in the past two years, and a large portion of the 200+ variables making up that algorithm hinge on the speed of your site. Now, a positive user experience and page load time have merged so that each influences the other.

In short, if you want your website to rank higher on Google, the speed of your website must be fast. The problem many florists have is that their websites tend to be on the slower side. Many are operating at site speed scores of less than 80, which is too slow to provide an ideal user experience, let alone rank higher in search results.

Where does your website speed stack up?

So where do you stack up?

If your website offers a speedy, seamless experience that helps customers complete their purchase without friction, you’re off to a great start. Once you’re operating with a fast website, you can start building upon it to help your customers create more moments that matter

Get your Google Page Speed Score here.


*Google Research Study, 2018

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